I have been on the seamoss detox for like 3 and a half weeks and I have lost weight and gained energy. I thought it would be hard not to eat meat but actually it was very easy to let go and I don’t crave it at all. I recommend it highly for anyone who is trying to lose bad weight and get healthy thank MOSSGOD!

Dominique D. - Happy Client

I recently started taking my diet seriously. After doing some research of seamoss, I decided to take a chance and add it to my smoothies. The MOSSGOD was super attentive to my questions, making sure that I understand what I am putting in my body. So far after adding sea moss, I noticed that I have energy to last me through out the day. I’m a teacher so i love that I’m using a product that’s natural and won’t make me crash after. The MOSSGOD is true to his products. He keeps in constant communication with his customers to make sure his products are effective, but also to make sure they are making healthier choices. He’s definitely leading the market for seamoss and he’s got a forever customer with me!

Shanik Gilmore - Happy Client

Too many seamoss dealers!! And not enough actually go and travel to learn about real seamoss. the only seamoss that goes in this body is MOSSGOD's seamoss. I know he sources from Ireland because I have seen the proof. Nobody and I mean NOBODY, does it like him!! Im a customer for life!!

Gloria Davis - Happy Client

After finding out my Mom was battling T-Cell Lymphoma I visited her for two weeks in WA and I did my best to help her change her lifestyle. But I knew once I got back to CA I needed to do more. So I reached out to Ari (MOSSGOD) and consulted with him about my concerns. After our consultant he suggested for her to do a 28-day detox for her to push out the negative toxins and flush unnecessary mucus out her system.I'm not going to lie the Initially, thought of doing a 28-day detox was frightening. Thankful (Ari/MOSSGOD Team) was able to answer all of my questions which brought me instant relief. After getting all the facts I decided to do the detox with my mom do she wouldn't be alone on this healing journey. In between the daily affirmations and weekly detailed follow-ups, the 28 days was over before I knew it. Since the detox has been over my moms symptoms have diminished dramatically and she literally looks at food and life in a different light. My mothers is not the emotional type but the fact she Thanked Me multiple times let's me know it was worth it in the end. Personally I have been so happy with the results I have referred a handful of friends. My initial goal for doing the detox was to be a support system for my Mother but she ended up inspiring me after it all.Health is wealth!

Shanika Marow - Happy Client

Jus wanna start off by sayin MOSSGOD is the absolute truth. I wasn’t always a consistent healthy eater. Around June of 2019. I started this amazing journey. Now before I started I was having issues wit my skin. Couldn’t figure out why my hair growth was literally at a stand still. An I couldn’t keep a healthy weight. MOSSGOD introduced me to Purple Seamoss gel and within a week of me drinking it wit my smoothies an apply it to my skin not only was my skin clearing I started loosing unnecessary weight. MOSSGOD then introduced me to the 28 day Alkaline detox (whew child) When I say I’m able to get rest at night. Be up by 5am the latest do my yoga and be absolutely ready for the day. MOSSGOD gave me a way to help others as he has helped me. Let me tell you it’s one of the most amazing feelings ever.

Aminah Drayton - Happy Client

I just wanna day thank you for helping me in my Journey to a healthier mind set along with healthy eating habits o went from having pain every other day with having a chronic bladder disease to no pain at all. With the 28 detox it teaches you so much and then even after my 28 days was up I was so stuck on the same routine being that it became a habit no more pain and now I have more energy then I had I went from waking up at 10-11 am to now getting up between 630-730 am . I now try to tell others that this is the way to go . Thank you so much for being patient with me through my rough day’s and helping me through it all bro much luv

Venus P. - Happy Client

I definitely need another batch of that seamoss!! It really helped me and my family through this time of the pandemic . A great use for a healthy lifestyle especially an immune booster for real. I see why they call you the MOSSGOD lol

Aika Emmanuel - Happy Client

My experience with MOSSGOD's seamoss products has been great. It has improved my digestion extremely. I have felt more energized as well. I really like the packaging also. I will definitely continue purchasing my products from them.

Justin Wesley - Happy Client

Myself and my family love these MOSSGOD products. It has helped us with issues ranging from diabetes to skin conditions. Using it internally and externally has changed ours life for the better. MOSSGOD is serious about his methods on healing

Justice Evans - Happy Client

My favorite product from the MOSSGOD is the Moss Hard. The best part of the Moss Hard was that this is a unisex sex supplement. My partner used it and it gave his stamina a major boost. Then when we both used it, our night went amazing. A natural sex supplement that both sexes can use together....GENIUS!!! Proud and faithful customer.

Courtnee B. - Happy Client

When we first found Sea Moss it was so hard to get it all the way in Australia. It would arrive spoiled, late and it was frustrating. I tried to buy it local and quickly realized the difference in pool grown Sea moss and the natural. As I continued to search the Net I came across MOSSGOD Products where MOSSGOD was explaining the benefits of Purple SeaMoss. We ordered our first batch and never looked back. We have now built a wonderfully natural Moss business in Australia and any time we order it's shipped out to us in 24 hours. And the product is always A1 with sea rocks and smell to make u feel like you are in Jamaica. We are grateful and happy long standing customers.

Cee St.Vic . - Happy Client

Let me tell you, I could not get my groove back in the bedroom, I would last for 2 mins or 3 and this would highly upset my wife. I found MOSSGOD on the Instagram through my best friend "He told me these exact word “ You need to talk to the MOSSGOD on getting some Moss Hard and changing your diet.” Thats exactly what I did and not only am I able to perform up to 10-15 mins but I can go ROUNDS if I choose. Man, for this to be all natural, MOSSGOD has to be one of the greatest chemist we have and should cherish. I love his drive and work ethnic, ITS DIFFERENT and most of all, he actually cares about the clients. Thats too real!!!

Richard Hollinger - Happy Client

I was 450 lbs, I lost 50 lbs in 28 days following the MOSSGOD diet plan and changing my eating times. Easier to move around, less stress on my body and im consistently dropping weight. I have taken the Detox, and order Cancer Killer Capsules on the regular. One thing I will say is, MOSSGOD never refers to himself as a Almightly God, he is just super proud of his work and craft and he is bye far the best in the health game right now. We are taking about a guy who is actually saving lives and changing the realm of eating healthy and putting your health first. Im still big and have much more work to do but have never been more confident until I met The Real MOSSGOD.

Phil Sainvil - Happy Client

The seamoss works wonders man I still use it every day it’s a great product to keep around the house for sure!!

Dj Chiffra - Happy Client

MOSSGOD products are amazing. Not only are they made with natural products, but they leave your skin feeling amazing. The 3 in 1 soap lathers fairly good and feels so smooth on your skin. Using that with the skin oil made my skin glow and hydrated. The lip scrub left my lips feeling soft with no dead skin. I have very sensitive skin, so I was skeptical about using the clay mask, but when I applied the clay mask to my face, my face felt lighter and you can feel it detoxifying. I put a few drops of the edible moss oil in my tea for an extra boost. These products are wonderful and they have became apart of my daily regime.

Charmyne B - Happy Client

I have a thing for sunglasses, like I do indeed collect these and I have a real big range of it at home. Luckily, stores like this one let me indulge in this hobby furthermore!

Gloria Davis - Happy Client

So, I was skeptical at first. Mostly because I want IMMEDIATE gratification. However, after the first two evenings of taking the cancer killer capsules, it started doing its magic! I had daily bowel movements; felt like waste was just leaving my body. In addition, my transverse colon shrunk. I’m hoping that I can mentally build myself up for a full weight loss detox once these capsules are complete. But, I recommend this product. #MOSSGOD is super informative and patient with me (I had 20 million questions during the entire process). Check him out. You won’t be disappointed.

Lenia L - Happy Client

I use the seamoss drops daily on my food and my kids food. They are excited daily to put it on their food. Not only do we like the edible drops but we use the Skin Oil for dry skin or eczema and it works great! Very hydrating. I can’t wait to try the Detox! Order yours today you won’t be disappointed!

Michelle M - Happy Client

Signing up for this program has given my immune system the boost it needed.

L.C - Happy Client

Everything you told me would happen happened & got better ! I’m a year in & I still take my moss daily ! The first detox was the hardest. But with all the information you provided made it smooth ! I haven’t had a respiratory infection or been sick in general since I started ! Got my energy back as well & love it ! S/o To The MOSSGOD ! He’s SAVING lives daily ! Tap in or tap out ! Peace & Love God !

Andre Jones - Happy Client

I’ve taken a few different brands of sea moss, and MOSSGOD Products definitely has the cleanest and most effective. You feel better within days of taking it! He takes pride in what he does and you can tell with how raw his product is, there is nothing cheap about it. The other part that amazed me was his incredible customer service!! He followed up with me daily to make sure everything was okay and walked me through any questions I had. Before and after my purchase he made sure I was satisfied and getting the most. Ari aka MOSSGOD genuinely cares and his goal is to educate and help others be healthy. Which is why I fully support

Carissa Baratta - Happy Client

My husband used the MOSSGOD gel to make smoothies while I was pregnant and I had my most healthy pregnancy yet.

Lauren Creecy - Happy Client

“ I love the MOSSGOD’s products. I used them for myself and my whole family I also am able to provide high-quality Sea Moss for my people out here on the West Coast. His SeaMoss is the only moss I know that I can stress that comes straight from the pure water’s in St. Lucia. With all these fake SeaMoss going around I know that this is a Sea that I can trust. My skin is better I got energy and my sex life is better impacted because of it. I’m fertile even more now. I love his products”

Jasmine A. - Happy Client

SeaMoss is good, Purple SeaMoss has changed my work outs. I've always trained but adding MOSSGOD SeaMoss to my diet has me feeling strong and with extra energy for my training sessions and recovery is definitely quicker. A must!!

G St.Vic - Happy Client

I was looking to try a different brand of skin oil to use and I was happy to have found MOSSGOD Skin Oil. All the other skin oil products I used left my skin very greasy and oily. MOSSGOD skin oil eliminates that. My skin not only looks beautiful, it doesn’t leave that greasy residue on my skin. I also like that it’s seamoss infused which keeps my skin healthy, clean and natural. I no longer have to use chemical filled lotions now that I’ve found MOSSGOD Skin oil!

Tasha F - Happy Client

I was skeptical with using Moss Hard. I been following MOSSGOD Arius for some time and dude is always ahead of the curve but sex pills?!! I never looked towards them til I actually overheard my wife talking to her friends about MOSS HARD!! I was shocked because I never ever mentioned MOSSGOD to my wife or where I been getting our seamoss lol!! So I gave in and I NEVER LOOKED BACK. MOSS HARD is an understatement really!! Diamonds are a girls best friend right? Moss Hard is definitely a mans best friend! Shout out to the MOSSGOD for really being innovative and changing the game!!

Rodney Temistocle - Happy Client

I have to admit the 1st time I tried moss hard I was a bit skeptical. I’ve tried other sex pills and got little to no result. I must say that Moss Hard is like no other. Not only did I achieve rock hard erections it also gave me the stamina to go extra rounds if need be. I also noticed the effects can last a few days after taking just 2 capsules! This product works and it is safe and all natural. I also think the name is hilarious but so true. 1 time for the MOSSGOD

Jeff C - Happy Client

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you are doing a really good job MOSSGOD. I’m glad I decided to start using your products. I decided to use the seamoss for 7 days straight just to see if I notice any results regarding my sore throat and cough. After those 7 days I felt very energized, my skin felt clearer & I’m so glad I did this especially with this virus going around. The Seamoss definitely helps relieve and prevent symptoms of colds and flu, which works PERFECTLY for my weak immune system. Perfect for the cold and flu season, but also for year-round immunity.

Bria Hendricks. - Happy Client

YESSSS, IM THE WIFE OF Khalil Hollinger!! He is blowing my back out with MOSS HARD YASSSSSS! Thank you MOSSGODDDDDDDD!!!

Chabria Hollinger - Happy Client