MOSSGOD Brand was established in 2019 by Founder Lawrence “MOSSGOD” Alcine. While traveling through Jamaica, Arius studied natural healing and it was there that he discovered the power of Seamoss and Natural Healing. This titled Superfood has a history of stimulating proper thyroid function, boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, helping with weight loss, and helping improve digestion issues.

MOSSGOD was determined to promote good health in the communities by taking Seamoss and other natural herbs. With a vision, plan, and determination, MOSSGOD started distributing seamoss wholesale when he returned from Jamaica and was able to start 2 companies at once, MOSSBROTHERS (for wholesale) and BEYMOSS 100% PURPLE SEAMOSS (for retail).

MOSSGOD and the connect enjoying acidic fruits grown on the land, pineapples!! This was there “candy”

The Beginning!! Where MOSSGOD and Wally building a foundation to export seamoss out of Jamaica. Essentially, MOSSGOD was able to come back to the states with 200lbs on his first run. This was how MossBrothers and Beymoss started!!! July 2019