How To

How To


Hydrating And Prepping Your Seamoss

Rinse 1 oz of Chondrus Crispus at least 2 times to remove any sand before rehydrating seamoss, add some cinnamon to bowl (to take out sea smell) add key lime (alkaline your distilled water). Make sure that you place the 1 oz of seamoss you want in a “large" bowl. Put clean seamoss in water and move in circular motion. This step is very important. The bigger the bowl and more water you fill, the more room your seamoss has to expand to even 4-5x the original size. Allow to rehydrate in water for 24-48hours, 72 hours for best results!! 1oz of seamoss should form into about 4oz of fully hydrated.

Prepping Seamoss Gel

Pour 3 cups of faucet water in a pot. Boil water to clean the impurities. Once boiled, turn the stove off and take your hydrated seamoss and put it in the pot with cover. Let it sit for 15-20 mins.

After 15-20 mins, pour all the content in the blender, and blend until the content is fully liquified.

Pour the seamoss liquid into a large glass container and place in the fridge uncovered allowing it to breathe. This will prevent it from spoiling. The seamoss will thicken to a gel consistency as it cools in fridge. In about 4-5 hours, your seamoss liquid will fully be gel. You have just turned 1 oz of Raw Chondrus Crispus into 24 oz of Gel!!! WOWSERS!!!!

Storing Your Seamoss Gel

Remember seamoss is a living organism so always store your gel in the fridge uncovered so it can breathe. Generally your seamoss gel should be good to go for 1 month but I have batches that I still use thats about 3 months old because I leave it uncover in the fridge. Long story short, if you use seamoss everyday than you don’t ever have to worry about it spoiling.

Using Your Seamoss Gel

Seamoss can be utilized in many ways. Here, we like to add to smoothies, juices and by itself as a tea. Use while cooking hot soups, you can substitute your oils with seamoss as well, and as a thickener in baked goods. You can eat it with salads after rehydrating and washing well. The water you used to rehydrate the seamoss can even be used as hand or foot soaks, hair rinse or even to water your plants!! Because sea moss can be used on the face as a mask and is very beneficial for your skin, it has motivated us to create a seamoss infused beauty line for male and female. With a natural mixture of oils, we are dedicated on changing the game in our community. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to seamoss, check out our products to see how far our minds went!!

As time goes by, you, yourself, will invent new innovative ways to use seamoss!!



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